Jul 27

Years Of Healty And Fruit Full Life, Is Not A Dream Afterall

Resveratrol has been main topic of research for many researchers from many years, at scientists community its the all time hot topic for them. All the study done by these researchers or scientists have shown various positive results such as its tumor arrest properties or other powerful antioxidants properties. But a true fact is that every thing use to have two face, a good one and a bad one, so is there and bad side of resveratrol also or any side effect of resveratrol exists? Resveratrol can be extracted from many plants such as peanuts and Japanese knotweed, it can also be found in dark skinned fruits like pomegranates and blueberries. Cranberries are also great source. Grapes are another great source of resveratrol, it have fueled many articles based on the health benefits of red wine. You should know that overdose of red-wine could have many side effects but overdose of resveratrol do-not shows any side effect on human body. On the other hand, resveratrol is available varying in dosage and strengths. If you want proper dosage of resveratrol through red-wine then you would have to drink several bottles of red-wine in an day. Seeing this, manufacturers have introduced resveratrol supplements in the market, so now you can consume resveratrol directly without depending on red-wine. Till now there is no side effect known of resveratrol but precaution is better then cure, so you should keep some points in mind while consuming resveratrol supplements.

The women who have estrogen-sensitive condition should avoid the consumtion of resveratrol supplements because till now resveratrol hasnt shown any mild estrogenic activity. Cancer patient should also avoid these supplements or should concert their doctors before consuming it. Children and pregnant women should also avoid these supplements as there is possibility of anti-growth side effects. Its seen that resveratrol use to make blood thin and thats dangerous for people who have blood problem, even the person who is on the medication for blood thinning should ask his/her doctor first. Some revesible negative effects have been found in volunteers by giving them mega doses of 500 1000 mg, as they are reversible so they do not cause any harm. Some of these side effects were diarrhea, abnormality in blood tests, headaches, anxiety and extra thinning of blood.

Resveratrol is number one in the sale of any supplementary food from many years and till now no major side effect have been found. Scientist have done many tests on this molecule and still studying on it, scientist have proved that resveratrol can lower the cholesterol and can extend the life span of animals as well human.


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