May 26

Wonder Of The Nature Amla Juice

Amla juice is rich source of energy and consists of other ingredients like amino acids, lipids and minerals that help in treating various ailments and also increases the physical and mental stamina. It also sharpens memory and eye sight and hence it must be given daily to the small children and aged for healthy lifestyle.

Regular consumption of the Buy Amla juice prevents atherosclerosis and leucorrhea. It has cooling, astringent and laxative properties thus it prevents various kinds of disorders. It is most popularly used as an anti aging tonic as it removes fine wrinkles and rashes from the skin and makes it glowing and smooth.

Amla juice is very nutritious to drink on the daily basis. If you drink Amla regularly you are free from disease like constipation, defective vision, septic fever, acidity and anemia as it increases the hemoglobin level in the blood.

Naturally obtained Amla juice contains 20 times more vitamin C content as compared to orange juice. It contains high amount of the natural tannins that prevents the oxidation and keeps the skin healthy. It is also capable to find against various kinds of cancer and other kinds of chromosomal abnormalities due to its pro oxidant qualities.

There are array of benefits of the Amla that have been mentioned below-
If you are suffering from any of the hair disorder or want healthy and beautiful hair. Then you should daily consume Amla juice as it enriches the hair pigmentation and also enhances the overall growth of the hair. Amla is very popular in India and is used in various shampoos and hair oils as well.
Amla juice is a boon for the people suffering from diabetes. Amla stimulate the cells in the pancreas to secrete insulin thus controlling the high blood sugar.
It also strengthens the heart and heart muscles by increasing the blood circulation to the heart and preventing the heart stroke.
If consumed in the lukewarm water it helps in getting glowing and radiant skin.
Amla juice must be consumed in the morning on the empty stomach for maximum benefits.
It prevents mouth odor and if taken between meals it also helps in digestion as well.
Teenage girls must drink Amla juice for pimple free spotless skin.


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