Oct 21

Wheatgrass Juicers Get One And Start Enjoying Fresh Juice

Why should anyone drink wheatgrass juice? Why shouldnt they? Wheatgrass juice is gaining in popularity as more people become more aware of its health benefits. Due to this, wheatgrass juicers are also getting more popular.

A lot of people are starting to realize how important it is to eat healthy. To get sick is not easy. It can get very expensive. Therefore, a lot of organizations including the CDC are trying to promote good health practices. Eating right is part of it.

Meeting the recommended daily allowance for vegetables is much easier with wheatgrass juice. Charles F. Schnabel, the person responsible for making wheatgrass popular in the 1930s, did say that 1 pound of wheatgrass is equal to 23 pounds of vegetables. As ABC News said, Wheatgrass, healthy for the body and the bank account.


Wheatgrass juice is good for detoxification. For people who are drinking this to detoxify normally drink it 3 to 4 times a day. People who are used to eating unhealthy fast food and junk food might feel dizzy after drinking too much wheatgrass. After detoxification, they will no longer have to go through that.

Using wheatgrass juicers, it is much cheaper and better to make ones own juice. It is better because compared to powdered versions in the market, it is fresh. Fresh wheatgrass juice means that it contains live enzymes as well.

Get a good juicer

This is a way to get the health benefits of wheatgrass at a much lower price. Making ones own juice is easy using wheatgrass juicers. These are specially designed to extract juice from wheatgrass. Other juicers will not be as good. Multi-purpose juicers just might be able to get good quality wheatgrass juice.

The speed is an important consideration. It must fall between 80 and 120 RPM. More than that is actually bad for the enzymes, producing lower quality juice. For this exact reason, other juicers should not be used.

Choosing a good juicer is an important decision. It is a good investment for ones health. Especially for people who do not have the time to eat full meals with fruits and vegetables.

The yield amount is also important. Wasting a lot of wheatgrass just to get so little juice is irritating. The juicer must have a high yield amount.
These are some things to consider in getting a good wheatgrass juicer. Detoxification is just one of the many benefits wheatgrass can bring. It is good for preventing and controlling other diseases much like vegetables, but better.


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