Aug 27

Top 5 Crops for Growing in Containers

Growing the preferred fruits or vegetables in a pot can create a home allotment out of even the city gardens or balcony areas. Virtually any of the fruits or vegetables can grow successfully in a pot, but it still benefits to plant those crops that can produce the higher yields. Also, try to plant the quick-growing crops since this will yield much more fruit and vegetable throughout the season.

Here are some of the favorite fruit and vegetable crops for the container:


Potatoes are a great choice to grow in a pot, container, or grow bag. The potatoes can offer a nice harvest and can take about 10 to 13 weeks to produce the delicious new potatoes. A simple grow bag for the patio area can simplify the process of growing this vegetable at home.


Plant the crop of peas at the start of the season since they prefer the cool climate conditions. Try growing the compact varieties of peas, such as Twinkle, to increase the size of the final harvest. Also, pick the pods regularly to extend the growth period. Once the pea plants have finished producing, the same pot can be used for a different crop that prefers the later and warmer weather.


A really rewarding vegetable to grow at home includes the tomato. Since it is quite straightforward to grow, the tomato plant is a popular choice for the complete novice just starting out with gardening. The plant is quite thin and tall, so able to produce a high yield without taking up much space. Grow the tomatoes in the multi-use grow bags or pots, but if space is very restricted, it is possible to grow the trailing tomatoes in a hanging basket.


Grow strawberries in a patio or balcony area that enjoys a lot of direct sunlight. Unlike most of the fruit crops, the strawberry plant is a more resilient perennial, which means the plant will grow back each year to product these delicious sweet fruits. Because this is a perennial plant, you want to find space for a permanent container so that it is ready for future seasons.


Herbs are a common choice for growing in the kitchen or small outside space. Because there is such a choice of herbs to grow at home, it is necessary to be selective to make sure the available space is used most productively. Perennial herbs, such as the thyme or mint, are perfect for growing outside with direct sunlight, while the basil and coriander is great for a windowsill inside.


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