Jul 15

The Only fruit On A Tree Is Called Trust

Sometimes the modern friendship is strong but sometimes it is very fragile. It is the world’s treasure, and we need to cherish it. Friendship cannot transmit which make it lonely. We can have different friendship with different people, but we cannot have different friendship with the same person. Friendship is like a deep tunnel, there is no road to go back. Memorable friendship is like hatred, we will never forget it. Friendship is the only one fruit on a tree, it is called trust. Red apple are only left to those who irrigates the tree. If others pick off it, probably it will sour the teeth. The chain of friendship cannot be inherited, cannot be transferable and saved, it also cannot keep fresh like frozen in the refrigerator. Friendship needs nourishment. Some people use money, some people give sweat, and even blood. Friendship is very greedy. It is the most simple but most extravagant nutrition, it also needs time to be irrigated. We need to learn to tell to our friends, and to listen from them, when we are talking, we have to focus on it and look at other one’s eyes. Sometimes the friendship is so fragile, a casual words may lead your friendship broken. Sometimes it is perishable, an unconfirmed rumor will make the milk sour. In this changing world, new thing is good, but only friendship is different. People keep the old criteria, the older the friendship is, the more valuable it is. We can part presents into two types, one is practical, and the other is symbolic. I like to give practical gifts. Not because it can be touched, but also it can be saved by the friends. Though at the moment we are friends, but maybe we will not some years later. So the practical gifts not only can express my goodwill, but also be pleasing to friends, though it is a moment, but I am satisfied. Phone book is a store of all friends, if we encounter difficulties, we could get help from them. The time is passing, but we can gather friends. Although sometimes I lose contact with friends, but I know I firmly adhere to the friendship network. I do not believe there is permanent interest, but I cherish the friendship sharing weal and woe. The true friendship can make our life more lively and can also give a new mind to the world or even have a big influence to the whole life.

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