Aug 29

Papaya Fruit – Nutritional Benefits

Papaya is rich in nutritional benefits. This is not just an ordinary fruit, since it has many health benefits that most of us do not know. Papayas are usually grown in tropical regions. They need low temperatures to grow and bear fast.

Papaya fruit contains fiber and the digestive enzyme papain which helps the digestive system to process food easily. They also prevent the deadly colon cancer and fight diseases and infections in the digestive tract. Constipated people should consume ripe papaya in order to maintain regular bowel movement.

In addition, the abundance of Vitamin A is naturally found in papaya. It is known that Vitamin A primarily improves our vision and prevent night blindness. People who lack this kind of vitamins will results unhealthy rough skin and poor eye sight. And those suffering from this are recommended to eat plenty of papaya to avoid distressing condition such as xerophthalmia which may lead to blindness when not treated.

We all want a strong and healthy immune system. Papaya is enriched in vitamin C, A, and beta-carotene that play an important role to our body antioxidants. Its favorable in nourishing the skin and good at removing toxic substances in our body and which will result to have a healthy glowing skin. These are also effective in treating inflammations and removing dead skin cells.

These antioxidants elements of papaya helps to thwart cholesterol oxidation which when in due time will cause arterial disease called atherosclerosis. Heart disease can be prevented with the aid of papaya fiber that reduces the blood cholesterol level in our system. Papaya is a good source of iron and calcium. Calcium is necessary for the bones and teeth while iron is responsible for creating hemoglobin in red blood cells.

It is not new to us that papaya becomes a primary ingredient in most of the commercial beauty products. It is believe to be an effective remedy for common facial problems. It is true. In fact, the white pulp of a raw papaya is used to remove pimples, blemishes and dry skin tone through rubbing it gently into your face. It is also known in eliminating the wrinkles to aged individuals. Papaya is used as an alternative facial cleanser. It gives out the natural glow and the freshness of your skin.

The sap of papaya will not be wasted for it reduces and eventually removes calluses and rough skin on hands and even feet. Try it and see for yourself.

Ripe papayas are good to be eaten as dessert after meal. But you can still enjoy eating papayas when it is cook. This is usually added as vegetable into soups. Papayas are widely known in commercial. But not only as the primary ingredients for beauty soaps but a lot more. Such, papaya ketchup and even in fruit cocktails for fruit salad are perfectly enjoyable and healthy!


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