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XanGo Mangosteen Juice and Xanthones

In 600 AD, scribes in Southeast Asia first recorded the use of the Mangosteen fruit as a general remedy and healing agent. More than a thousand years later (1673), Laurens Garcin (the base of the name Garcinia mangostana), studied the fruit, provided detailed diagrams, and determined that the mangosteen was helpful in treating various intestinal inflammations. In the following centuries, scattered research and documentation continued. Then suddenly, in the late 20th century, the research multiplied. Today, you can visit the National Library of Medicine website and simply type the word “mangosteen.” You’ll get more than 20 documented results from the last 13 years alone. And each entry provides detailed research on the medicinal properties and health benefits of the mangosteen.

As you read through the research and talk to people who know about XanGo Juice, they’ll mention the word “xanthones.” So let me take a minute to explain what they’re talking about. You’ve heard of antioxidants; they’re a common health-conscious buzzword. So let’s define xanthones this way: xanthones are some of the most powerful antioxidants ever found. And the whole mangosteen fruit bursts with more than 40 known xanthones, all fighting hard to:

– Support microbiological balance – Maintain immune system health – Promote joint flexibility – Provide positive mental support

And XanGo’s whole mangosteen fruit puree–formulated specifically for your overall wellbeingrepresents the next generation of powerful phytonutrients. What are phytonutrients? All-natural plant compounds offering health-protecting benefits that will change the future of dietary supplements. Now you can search far and wide for xanthones. But chances are, you’ll only find trace amounts in certain fruits and vegetables. However, the pericarp of the mangosteen is the premier source of these nutrients in concentrated amounts.

Most scientific studies actually name the Mangosteen pericarp as the quintessential source of xanthones. And, until recently, the xanthone-packed power

Oct 04

Mangosteen Fruit – Get Straight Facts

What used to be a favorite dessert in the Southeast Asian region is now one of the most commercialized fruits in the world. The Mangosteen fruit has been the word-of-mouth of many health enthusiasts as it continues to be a part of the daily diet of health-conscious individuals. They cannot be blamed for being mangosteen enthusiasts as the fruit proves itself to be worthy of the attention. Researches have proven that the fruit has the most Xanthones content as compared with any other fruit. Xanthones has been a proven antioxidant and has great effects on an individual’s body if taken adequately daily.

Aside from eating its flesh, the mangosteen fruit is widely distributed around the globe in the form of juices. Xango, the pioneer in mangosteen juice making, has made the fruit very popular around the world, selling thousands of bottles of mangosteen juices daily. People who have been taking the juices and eating the fruit daily reported several benefits from the fruit. One notable side effect was the decrease in their allergy attacks. This can be attributed to the naturally present xanthones on the fruit that is known also to be a natural antihistamine. The good thing is, it functions the same way as an antihistamine minus the drowsy side effect.

The reception of the consumers regarding different mangosteen fruit products is very overwhelming. Aside from the ready to drink juice, there already are multivitamins, skin care products, and ready-to-mix powdered juices that can be bought directly from Xango marketers. This just shows the versatility of the fruit, showing that it can be taken as a regular dessert, as a juice, as a multivitamin tablet, and a topical ointment for skin diseases, too. All of these products show how invaluable the fruit is and how the market is demanding

Oct 04

Try Best Juice Clean Recipes In This Article

Staying fit and healthy is very important to lead a happy life. Everyone wishes to stay fit without striving too hard for it. It is possible for you to do everything in your life if you continue to remain fit and healthy. Be noticed that fitness is not about heavy and intense exercises or running hard on machines. Rather, it is easy to do by following small activities that we perform in our everyday life. Moreover, it is imperative to follow a balanced diet on a regular basis and to avoid consuming junk food. We’ll reveal some excellent tricks for staying health by using 3 day juice cleanse, stitch fix, paleo chicken thighs, whole 30 and juice cleanse recipes. Being fit and healthy prevents you from various diseases, reduces tension & stress and boosts you with self-confidence. Every part of your body gets affected if you are unhealthy and stick to harmful diet routine. If you wish to stay fit and healthy, you’ll become more active and flexible and will gain strong muscles comparatively. Yoga, swimming and different exercises can help you in the direction of your fitness objectives. 3 day juice cleanse An individual is required to limit its diet to fresh fruit and vegetable juices along with water which can last for a few days or even weeks. This will definitely allow you to lose weight. The recent dietary recommendations indicate 5 to 13 servings of fruit and vegetables on a daily basis. Be sure that potato doesn’t counts. 3 day juice cleanse brings lots of benefits for your body. It strengthens your bones, boosts your immune system, reduces the risk of several diseases and makes you feel refreshed. Whole 30 Whole 30 brings both physical benefits (improved body composition, energy and concentration levels) and mental benefits (eliminating

Oct 03

New Study Shows Coq10 Benefits Enhanced By Grapefruit Juice

Taking your daily CoQ10 supplement with grapefruit juice can boost its effectiveness by an astonishing 50 percent, according to new Japanese research.

A 2010 study by Hokkaido University suggests that intestinal absorption of Coenzyme Q10 is significantly improved by the introduction of grapefruit juice. The juice increases the bioavailability of the coenzyme by inhibiting the production of a specific cell membrane protien called P-glycoprotein, the researchers said.

CoQ10 is a naturally-produced vitamin-like substance that is found in every cell of the body, but is most concentrated in the heart, liver, kidneys, and pancreas. It is present in the mitochondria or “power plant” of each cell, where it plays a crucial role in the production of chemical energy.

The coenzyme is necessary for the basic functioning of all cells, but the body’s ability to produce it reaches a peak at about twenty years of age, and decreases rapidly after 40. Though supplementation is a solution, low absorption and less than optimum bioavailability are longstanding issues with CoQ10 supplements. The findings of the Japanese study suggest that the “the co-administration of CoQ10 with grapefuit juice constitues an easily accessible way to improve intestinal absorption.”

But while the juice’s ability to effect protein activity raises the amount of CoQ10 the cell can absorb, the same action can have serious negative effects on the body’s ability to absorb certain prescription medications. Grapefruit juice has been shown to interfere with the production of enzymes that metabolize certain drugs, including statins commonly prescribed for high blood pressure and medications for high cholesterol and irregular heartbeat.

Individuals who are taking medications are advised to consult their physicians before adding grapefruit juice to their diets.

In addition to its key role in the production of energy at the cellular level, CoQ10 has been proven to be a powerful

Oct 02

Juice Plus Scam, Uncovered

Uneasy about a juice plus scam? Let me reveal something. I’ve analyzed scores of network marketing companies and once in a while, I’m tempted to acquire the products they are selling.

Juice plus is one of those. Juice plus scam? I dont think so. Let me make clear.

Is the Juice Plus product really a miracle worker? Will it heal deadly illnesses? Will it instantaneously shave 20 years off of your age and cause you to look young and healthful again? Nope.

That being understood, I wonder if it can impart certain health benefits? Lets think about it.

Juice Pluse sells products that contain nutrients from 17 fruits and vegetables.

What I’m about to write down is pretty obvious but worth repeating.


Fruits, vegetables and grains are vital for energy. We humans are nutritionally starved. The terrible foods that are delivered to us on a daily basis are, quite frankly, more hurtful than helpful. Is it any surprise that the United States has ever escalating numbers of individuals being treated with cancer and heart disease?

Juice plus simply acknowledges this giant challenge and produces a product thats designed to help. Its not a be all end all solution. It’s a preventative step you can take to help supercharge your eating habits. They confess right on their website that youll be healthier eating the recommended amounts of fruits, grains and vegetables. If you can do that, GREAT! Dont use their product.

The sad fact remains, this is just far too challenging to do for the ordinary person. Herein we find the need for Juice plus.

The majority of people don’t get the appropriate nutrition in their fast paced diets. Doesn’t it make sense to add at least a few of those nutrients back into your body

Oct 01

Exfuze – It’s A Super Juice Company But Might It Be A Super Business Opportunity

In 2007 the already somewhat crowded super juice market place was taken by storm with a new producer called eXfuze. Their principal item was, you guessed it, super juice. Subsequently, eXfuze has developed into a good company with some different products. They’ve not long ago even presented a weight loss product having a weight loss challenge approach to boot.

So, are you ready for pros of this company, and why would you think about it?

The eXfuze Goods

The eXfuze products includes several unique preparations of super juice. By this I mean it’s a juice jam packed with powerful nutrients and anti-oxidants. They offer their Seven+ Classic which is the initial in the line. And they’ve also got Seven+ PROformance, Seven+ Premium Focus, in addition to GreenZilla that is an all-natural alternative to popular store-bought energy source drinks.

Surely we will have to mention the eXfuze slimming products on top of that. The company most recently started their Shapeway Meal Replacement shake combined with Shapeway Body Challenge. Through this they provide a refer three and it is free strategy to customers which recommend this product to their friends and make use of the challenge collectively, thus growing their odds of success at it.

The eXfuze Compensation Plan

eXfuze provides a pretty strong comp plan. It’s driven by a binary platform with seven ways to potentially earn an income. These include retail sales, preferred buyer sales, fast start additional bonuses, and many others. Like most good multi level marketing companies,if you understand how to seriously present their merchandise and opportunity effectively to a lot of buyers, you may earn money.

Problems You ought to know About

Now, let’s be honest. The corporation looks great. But, there are several of very similar companies these days. I’ve personally decided to select a company

Sep 30

Vegetables And Fruit Never Hurt Anybody

When you think of your body, you usually don’t think about the colon. First, most people don’t know what or where it is, but once you find out, you especially don’t want to think about it. It controls your bowels and also is a place where toxins build up that can affect your health for the rest of your life. The colon is not a part of the body that most people think about when they are young, but it is a part of the body that is necessary to keep your body in shape for a long time. As people grow older, they have a harder time moving their bowels, so taking care of the proper maintenance is vital to your health further on up the road.

Colon health is not something to be joked about and there are many health professionals who believe that colon cleanses and fasting are the ways to help clean out the colon. One thing is agreed upon by all and that is that good colon health is really something that can make or break the entire system of the body. Since the colon is the primary way that the body emits the toxins and waste from it, it stands to reason that keeping these toxins within the system too long can result in serious health issues.

There are no magic potions that can keep the colon healthy, but it is simply a matter of common sense such as eating properly with a good and healthy diet that does not always consist of a Happy Meal. Once your eating habits improve and you are not putting nutritional poison into your body, you colon will than you for it.

High fiber foods essentially work to cleanse the inside of your body and

Sep 27

Durian, The Smelly Delicious King Of Fruits

If you have to think about, you don’t know the answer. The answer is durian, and although I have not spent much time in its indigenous Southeast Asia, where it is relished or reviled, I could write a novelette of anecdotes of this strangest of fruits; so strange in fact that durian deserves a classification of it’s very own. I first encountered this space alien oddity twenty years ago as a young man roaming the streets of Bangkok. As if I had not already had enough in the way of strange and foreign sights, sounds, and yes, smells, I noticed a faint whiff of something I had never encountered before. The further I walked, the stronger the odor became, and I could only think that raw sewage was leaking from a pipe somewhere. I turned a corner however and got a frontal assault of both the smell and its source: durian! Dozens of durian split open in half, their pale yellow bulbs of flesh resting in their spiky and dangerous husks (it is possible to bleed to death from wounds inflicted by a durian falling on your head). Alarmed and bewildered, as I had not been since I was a child, I walked on in 40C heat, perplexed and uncertain as to what else I might encounter.

Durian is strongest flavored of all fruits and its aroma is extremely potent. Its taste is rich, powerful, and explodes on the palate, going right into the sinus cavities. It probably tastes better than it smells though, something between very ripe banana, fresh onion, avocado (whose texture it resembles), and well, durian. It is as sweet as pudding and very hard to swallow except in small pieces.
Durian is a fruit that some claim comes not from this world but from heaven

Sep 24

Johnson Creek Creates High Quality Juice For Electronic Cigarettes

It could be argued that the best part about smoking electronic cigarettes is the fact that the user is not stuck with one of two available flavors. The juice or liquid that is used in e-cigs comes in an amazing array of tastes, taking the act of using an electronic cigarette to a whole new level, one that traditional tobacco cigarettes can not compete with.

Johnson Creek is a premier smoke juice maker, making the very act of buying juice almost like buying a fine liquer. Buyers can purchase a kit called “welcome to e-smoking”, which contains a sampling of different liquids, tips for filling and is presented in a branded wooden box that has a sliding lid. A very elegant presentation that denotes quality is inside.

The people behind Johnson Creek strive to make their liquids as fine as they can be. Johnson Creek e-liquid designers are passionate about making the finest product they can, like craft brewers who are passionate about creating that perfect beer. While Johnson Creek has created high-quality e-liquid for electronic cigarettes, they don’t stop there. The creative team keeps working towards making the experience of vaping with their smoke juice one that is unforgettable.

Johnson Creek’s Original Smoke Juice comes in flavors that are nuanced and delicious. Fill up a tip with the espresso flavor for the taste of drinking a cup of coffee after a meal. It’s the satisfaction of the coffee flavor without the jitters of the caffeine. Or, pick up some Arctic Menthol to cool and refresh with after a stressful day. Original Smoke Juice is about experiencing and enjoying the flavor as opposed to a passing sensation.

All of Johnson Creek’s liquids are made from the highest quality materials for the smoothest and cleanest taste experience. No impurities in the

Sep 22

Fruit That Burns Fat-or Does It

Would you like to burn fat quickly and more efficiently? There is now available a natural extract from a plant that is native to Indonesia and this is Garcina Cambogia.

What Is Garcina Cambogia Extract?
This is a very small, pumpkin-shaped fruit that is also known as tamarind. It is native to Indonesia and is also grown in Southeast Asia, India and Central and West Africa. It is used in many South Asian dishes traditionally, such as chutneys and curries. This fruit is also used for curing fish and preservation.

By adding this ingredient to meals it is considered to be very effective in making meals fill you up faster. In some villages in Malaysia, this fruit is used in making soup that can be eaten prior to a meal for weight loss due to Cambodias appetite-blocking abilities.

Is This Fruit Effective?
This fruit has been well-researched with over a dozen various clinical trials carried out over the years. Repeatedly, research reveals the power of Garcinia Cambogia has for the fat loss and the creation of healthy eating habits.

So what makes Cambogia so effective and does it really work? Cambogia is a yellow fruit that is shaped sort of like a pumpkin and it goes by other names across Southeast Asia and other area and is eaten as a food and the rind is used in traditional recipes in south India.

The extract is derived from mostly the rind, which is dried and cured and contains hydroxycitric acids HCA which is a substance advertised to block sugars and fats while suppressing appetites.

Research and Study
A study was done at St Lukes Hospital the Obesity Nutrition Research Center in New York to see if this fruit had any advantage as anti-obesity

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