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Detox – Simple Juice Diet Recipes For You!

All waste products and toxins are removed from the human body by way of sweat, urine or feces. The human body is in itself a detoxifying machine and it is a natural process of the body to detoxify itself. There are other ways to detoxify your body with the use of special detox programs, plans or diets. One popular detox diet plans is the detox juice diet recipes. You are required to only drink juices of certain fruits in order to flush the toxins out from your system. This requires you to buy fruits in huge quantities and stock it so you can make a juice whenever you feel hungry and drink it. You should take care not to include any anti acid substances in the way you process your juice diet.

You should sue only whole natural fruits for your juices and should avoid any artificial packed juices that you find in the market today. You can also include green leafy vegetables and vegetables like carrots when you are on the juice diet. The vegetables are required to be eaten boiled but eating it raw will give you the best results. No other solid food must be eaten when on this diet. The vegetable you eat and the fruits that eat must be in liquid for and not solid in texture. This will help you in the digestion process thereby enabling of the flushing out of the toxins better. You can be on a juice diet recipes for a minimum period of 5 days at least.

If you are a heart patient or kidney patient you should seek expert advice before taking up a juice diet recipes program. People with blood pressure, diabetes, urinary infection and liver problems are also advised to take up juice diet only

Sep 09

Holiday Gift Food Baskets – How to Pick the Freshest Fruit Baskets

Corporate Christmas gift baskets filled with fresh fruits and gourmet chocolates sent to customers or employees are a great way to say “thank you”. The question is, what types of fruits of fruits should you include? Which fruits are the freshest this time of year and most popular to send in holiday gift Christmas baskets?

Holiday gift fruit baskets are especially popular during the winter months, because people in many regions are not getting the freshest, highest quality fruits in the winter. Fruit sometimes needs to be transported great distances and by the time the fruit makes it to our local markets, it may not be as fresh as we would like.

The best fruit for holiday gift food baskets, therefore, is seasonal fruit. What kinds of fruit are in season for the holidays? Generally speaking, in North America, apples and pears are at their peak. Apples and pears from California, Washington and Oregon are going to be your freshest choices, along with citrus fruits high in vitamin C, like juicy navel oranges, grapefruit, and tangerines from Florida.

To make your holiday gift food basket really stand out from the crowd and get noticed, it pays to do some research. No matter what you end up paying for your gift basket, you want to give the most exotic, gourmet, luxurious impression possible. You can even add a bit of gourmet. Gourmet chocolates like, chocolate covered cherries and blueberries or chocolate covered almonds add to the mix. Other items you can add to a fruit basket include gourmet cheeses, gourmet crackers, sausages, or mixed nuts.

Apples and pears add festive Christmas colors to your gift basket. There are several autumn and winter varieties of red, green and golden pears that are grown in Northwestern United States this time of year like, Anjou, Starcrimson,

Sep 09

Is Carrot Juice Bad For High Blood Pressure

Blood pressure problems are increasing in our world today in human beings of every age group. The obvious reasons are our changed life style and too much of stress. The generation living today has a lot of problems to face which were not there in the past and thus high blood pressure is commonly reported. There are many remedies for high blood pressure. Is carrot juice bad for high blood pressure? Some people believe in the power of natural cures to diseases and probably they are right. If carrot juice has the power of improving your health, why to go for some medicines to achieve the same and face some side effects you never wanted to experience? Carrot juice is bad for high blood pressure in the sense that it kills high blood pressure and brings it back to normal. Its good for your health!

Usually people who debate about carrot juice being bad for blood pressure also believe in the fact that a little prevention is better than cure. Blood pressure can be controlled by medicines as well. You can be like any other normal being by taking medicines for blood pressure for all your life. But dont you think that makes your life too dependent on the medicines? It is better to accept the other option and going for herbal and natural treatments. Carrot juice is good for your health and along with that, you should try to reduce your weight. The effects of carrot juice on your blood pressure will be very good then. Reduce your weight if you are facing blood pressure problems due to your weight. If you work out for around 30 minutes per day, you can reduce your weight successfully in few weeks time.

Is carrot juice bad for high blood pressure?

Sep 09

Wine Food Pairing . Sturm, Austria’s Tasty juice

I was in Austria a couple of years ago on a beautiful fall dayThe leaves were turning, the sky was blue and although it was warm, there was a bit of autumn in the air. I was sitting in a picturesque garden caf with my husband and one of his long time friends. My German is poor at best and ordering food and beverage is sometimes a challenge for me, but because we had walked to the caf and I was extremely thirsty, I told the guys I just wanted some juice to quench my thirst. A flurry of German words sailed over my head and I was assured by my husband that the “Sturm” would fit the billa little sweet, but with a bit of sparkle .. GREAT!

The first mug arrivedit was off white and effervescent, slightly sweet. REALLY, REALLY good! Quite the thirst quencherI ordered a second one immediately and downed that one almost as quickly as the first. Meanwhile the German conversation is flying way over my headmy husband, his friend and even the waiter were laughing and carrying onwhat a lovely afternoon. As I was getting ready to think about a possible third glass I started to feel.wellkind of silly! What was going on? I questioned my husband thoroughly in English and threatened him with banishment to the couch when he admitted that the Sturm, my tasty “juice,” actually had alcohol in itand with the high sugar content it can really pack a punch. YIKES! Talk about toasted!

Sturm is fermenting grape juice of high alcohol content. It is only on sale for a few weeks in the wine making regions of Austria and must be consumed quickly as it cannot be preserved. Actually, if it is sold in bottles, they will not be corked

Sep 06

Is Noni Juice A Scam or Reality

Health and fitness enthusiasts often go for health supplements and products that would help them in getting the best results to develop a lean and trim body. One of the latest heath elixirs that claim to support transition in the physical status of the user is Noni Juice.

Attractive Publicity

Providers of Noni Juice have taken substantial pains to make huge publicity of the product and some of the ads are quite attractive. Obviously, this is one of the ploys of the providers to neutralize the negative impact of the steep price of the product.

Claim of the Providers

Providers claim and write on the label about the benefits of using Noni Juice. Arguments in support of the providers are that

– Polynesians have used the product for centuries;

– It can help mind healing, and improving the status of body and spirit; and

– Have several other health benefits like fat burning and weight loss.

Disagreement of FDA

While the providers of Noni Juice claim that it has got various health benefits and in support advance some statements by the doctors in this regard, it is quite clear that the statement and contentions are not approved by FDA. Therefore, the claims cannot be accepted on their face values despite all the publicity hikes by the providers.

Facts and Myths

Websites that are promoting the product claim that it can cure everything that includes cold as well as cancer. Despite FDA not approving the claims the Federal Trade Commission has not shut down the product and its marketing. Yet many things that are told about the product are myths rather than truth.

Marking of Bad Medicines

Some of the markings of bad medicines in the product are

– Outrageous claims regarding health benefits for

Sep 05

Concord Grape Juice Helps To Lower Blood Pressure And Keep Hearts And Minds Healthy

In recent years numerous well-respected studies presented a growing evidence of the positive effect of antioxidants on our health and wellbeing. They suggested that antioxidants can help improve the effects of aging.

Therefore its not surprising to discover that over 80 percent of Americans are currently consuming, or would be interested in consuming foods and beverages for health benefits.

The results of the recent research were presented at the 4th International Conference on Polyphenols and Health (ICPH). According to the data from the major scientific conference researchers suggest that consumption of Concord grape juice is improving blood pressure and healthy brain function in certain populations to improve memory.

Seems like the consumption of antioxidant-rich foods and beverages, such as fruits and vegetables and their 100% juices, help to slow and possibly even reverse age-related cognitive decline (the drinking of Concord grape juice may provide a benefit for older adults with early memory decline).

The research was led by Dr. Robert Krikorian from the Department of Psychiatry, University of Cincinnati. “While there were no differences between the groups at baseline, following treatment, those drinking Concord grape juice demonstrated significant improvement in list learning. In addition, trends suggested improved short-term retention and spatial (nonverbal) memory.

These results with Concord grape juice are very encouraging and certainly warrant additional study. A simple, easy-to-incorporate dietary intervention that could improve or protect memory function, such as drinking Concord grape juice, may be beneficial for the aging population” reported Dr. R Krikorian.

Additionally, its suggested that Concord grape juice can help promote a healthy heart and flexible arteries. This can contributes to lower blood pressure, better blood circulation and healthy arterial function. We have to outline here that no significant decrease in blood pressure was observed during the study when 24-hour

Sep 05

The Ranking Of Acai Berry Juice As An Antioxidant

Acai Berry grows on a fast growing palm tree. These palm trees are cultivated in the rain forests of Amazon, mostly in Brazil. The fruit of this palm tree is termed “Acai Berry”. The locals of the Amazon harvest these small berries and convert the fruit into the pulp. This pulp is then used to flavor the number of different dishes. If it is not used instantly after harvesting, the pulp needs to be frozen immediately to increase its life otherwise it could be quickly spoiled.

The Acai Berry has been widely researched. The results of the research studies have proved the berries are an excellent source of an antioxidant termed anthocyanins. This anthocyanins antioxidant is same as is present in red wine. These wonderful berries are also a richest source of fiber, fatty acids, vitamins and proteins.

These wonderful berries were first introduced to the world in the book Perricone by Dr. Nicholas Perricone Promise. After the publication of his book he also appeared in Oprah Winfrey Show in which he reasonably called these berries the perfect food yet discovered on the planet. He modestly rated the Acai Berry in the top ten super foods that have the capabilities to make its user look and feel younger.

All of us are well aware that antioxidants are vital for the better health and for assisting the battle against weakening effects of aging and the other related diseases. The antioxidants are known as the vital part of our diets. We normally had to listen that to stay in the best health one should consume more antioxidant rich foods like blueberries.
The Acai Berry has been widely advertised nowadays. This hype compels a person to know what quotient of antioxidant is present in the Acai Berry juice commercially available in the

Sep 04

Potential Benefits of Acai Berry Juice

Acai berries are wild berries that mostly grow on the palm trees of the rain forest in South America. Acai berries are like grape berries and have unique nutritional benefits.

Better energy levels

Acai berry juice can work wonders when it comes to the functioning of your metabolic system. Proper metabolism in turn helps to keep your energy levels high. Adding acai juice to your daily diet will save you from lethargy and will keep you active all the time. The juice extracted out of this magical berry is pure and natural. Regular intake of acai juice can get you rid of artificial food supplements that you need to keep you in best of your health.

Other physical benefits

Acai berry juice increases your potential to fight cardiovascular and heart ailments. Its antioxidant value helps in detoxification your body. Acai juice also has the ability to improve your digestive system. This in turn helps to keep your cholesterol levels low. Vision improvement and bone strengthening are two of the other benefits of acai juice. Acai juice helps in better blood circulation and also prevents you from premature ageing. Acai juice is the best product for you, if you want to have a healthy skin and body. Acai berry juice also has the power to improve your sexual ability.

Metal benefits

Apart from the various physical benefits discussed above, acai berry juice also has the potential to improve your mental ability. It helps to increase your mental clarity. Proper circulation of blood and detoxification of the body help your body to carry an appropriate amount of oxygen to your brain. This helps to keep you mentally active and strong. Acai juice also has the potential to fight the symptoms of depression and other mental disorders.

Sep 03

The Many Benefits Of Aloe Vera Juice

Aloe Vera, a species of succulent plant, is widely used for its healing and cosmetic properties. Although the medical fraternity is still trying to verify the medicinal effectiveness attributed to Aloe Vera, consumers all over the world swear by Aloe Veras healing effects.

Benefits Of Aloe Vera Juice
Some of the Benefits of Aloe Vera Juice are as follows:

.Aloe Vera Juice is beneficial to the digestive system. It facilitates the bowel movements and is useful in treating both diarrhea and constipation.
.Aloe Vera Juice aids the creation of White Blood Cells which strengthens the immune system. Thus, patients suffering from chronic diseases like neutropenia, etc. will find Aloe Vera Juice especially helpful.
.Chronic pain in joints is a nagging problem affecting weakened or aged joints. Consumption of Aloe Vera Juice provides relief from such pains as the Aloe Vera Juice improves the flexibility of the joints and strengthens the joint muscles.
.Aloe Vera Juice is good for liver which keeps the body free from toxins. Most of the skin diseases occur because of the inability of the liver to complete effective detoxification. Aloe Vera Juice, by keeping the liver fit, also ensures that skin troubles stay away.
.Aloe Vera Juice keeps the cholesterol level in check and thereby protects the heart from a host of diseases.
.Aloe Vera Juice regulates sugar level in the blood stream and thus, is useful to keep diabetes in check.
.Aloe Vera Juice aids dental hygiene. It protects the gums and teeth from decay.
.The energy levels of the body are also maintained by Aloe Vera Juice. Some energy drinks have unwanted substances which affect body weight. Aloe Vera along with boosting up the energy also helps to maintain the weight of the body.

Sep 02

Chocolate Covered Fruit

I think all of us have eaten chocolate covered fruit. It is one of the most wonderful taste combinations, chocolate and strawberries, or chocolate and pineapple.

Making chocolate covered fruit is not only simple but also very elegant looking when preparing desserts for guests.

The simplest way to make chocolate covered fruit is to buy chocolate chips and melt them down. I buy both brown chocolate and white chocolate. I’ll buy either chips or bars and then melt them over a very low fire.

All fruit must be dry before dipping. If you wash the fruit, make sure to paper towel off the water, so that when you dip, the fruit is dry.

I line a cookie sheet with waxed paper and after dipping transfer the fruit to the waxed paper. I then chill in the refrigerator.

Mix and match strawberries, pineapple wedges, maraschino cherries, apples and pears. I’ve also dipped dried food to add to the platter I’m making. If you don’t use white chocolate, try using marshmallows, and dipping half of the marshmallow in chocolate, so that you have a lot of white showing on your platter.

I’ve seen beautiful skewers with mandarin oranges used as spacers. Dip your fruit in chocolate and put the orange slices, un-dipped in the middle of your dipped fruit.

Try dipping strawberries or maraschino cherries and adding them to the top of pudding or ice cream for a very pretty visual look.

Make or buy a pound cake. Cut the pound cake into squares. Dip half of the square in chocolate and mix on the platter with your dipped fruit.

When you use fruits such as strawberries and pineapple you are able to have green on your dessert platter also.

Are you

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