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California Fruit Gifts History and Overview

California Fruit Gifts History and Overview

Inspired by the West

The name for the company, California Fruit Gifts was no doubt inspired by the citrus tradition in California. Everyone knows that some of the sweetest fruits are grown on the west side of the country. What better place to grow fruit and what better place to name your fruit basket company after? Thats where the California Fruit Gifts Company got their inspiration.

In keeping with tradition of the wests love for fruits of all kinds, the California Fruit Gifts Company has many, many choices when it comes to gift baskets of fruit. The choices range from plain baskets involving apples, oranges and pears to luxurious dried fruit and nut gourmet gift baskets. Many companies do not carry the option of organics these days. The California Fruit Gifts Company does have several types of organic gifting options to suit the organic lovers needs.

Fruits and Ciders

If you are going to add anything to fruit, it ought to be cider. The California Fruit Gifts company knows that well enough, which is why they provide both fruit and cider gifts as a combination. They offer inexpensive gifts for under $30 to fit anyones budget. Fruit in and of itself is really quite expensive. Being able to give a gift from the California Fruit Gifts that is so unique, visually appealing, healthy and, well, made of fruit is fantastic.

Regardless of the occasion, the California Fruit Gifts Company can supply you with appropriate themed gift baskets containing many different varieties of fresh or dried fruits with nuts and or ciders as well. The California Fruit Gifts is serious about their fruit baskets. They are so serious, in fact, that they formed a fruit of the month club just for those of

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Delicious Apple Juice Recipes for the Fall Season

Fall is coming again and apples are in season, so let’s prepare some fresh apple juice recipes and enjoy them before it gets really cold outside.

Apple juice is delicious on its own, or, if you like you can add a touch of ginger or lemon for a more zesty taste. It’s the only fruit that combines well with all types of vegetables, so you can use it in almost any vegetable juice recipe that you like.

Fresh Apple Juice with a Touch of Lemon 3 apples half of a lemon

How to Make Apple Juice 1. Wash the apples. 2. Remove their cores. 3. Remove the peel off the lemon. 4. Cut apples to fit into your juicer. 5. Feed apple pieces into the juicer. 6. Enjoy!

This juice is great as is, or you can serve with natural spring water and a few cubes of ice for a refreshing treat on a hot day.

Apple, Carrot, and Celery Juice Recipe

Ingredients 1 apple 1 carrot 1 stalk of celery

Preparation 1. Wash the apple and the vegetables. 2. Core the apple 3. Cut to fit your juicer. 4. Juice and serve

Green Apple Juice Recipe with Spinach and Broccoli

Here is a great way to use those broccoli stems that would otherwise go to waste:

Juice Ingredients 3 apples 3 cups of spinach left over broccoli stems

Preparation 1. Wash and core the apples. 2. Wash the broccoli and spinach. 3. Slice the apples and broccoli to pieces. 4. Feed into the juicer. 5. Drink to your health!

You know the saying “An apple a day keeps the doctor away” – and it may well be true! Apples

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Facts About Matstone 6-in-1 Multi-purpose Juice Extractor (do-9001)

The presence of juice extractor can be said as the right help for you because it is produced with giving many good things for you. Having this unit will be useful for you because it will help you in the consumption of juice anytime that will help you in the program of weight loss. If you feel confused to determine the right product for your needs, it is better if you choose Matstone 6-in-1 Multi-Purpose Juice Extractor because it can be said as the right product for you.

Talking about this unit, you will see that this juice extractor is beautiful with giving green color and it will be fitted with your kitchen. This unit is able to last for a long time so it can be used as the right investment for you. This product will give the best functions for you so having this unit will be a lucky thing for you. Also, this unit is really qualified so you do not need to be worried for having it. For working the functions, this unit is really great because it is produced to help you in a good way.

In producing juice, this unit is able to work in an excellent way so it can give the best functions for you. It also features with normal centrifugal juicer which is designed to give the best juice with a great taste. Talking about this product, it is designed to delicate more nutrients, enzymes and also minerals which play an important role in keeping your health. Besides, the method used to get the juice is conventional. In this case, the method that will affect the process to make a great juice with the best taste so it is important for you to consider about it.

If you

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Constipation remedy using citrus juice

Citrus Juices

Citrus juices are a constipation remedy that is an excellent way to stimulate your colon and other parts of the body. Since your colon is less active at night, drinking juices as soon as you awaken and get up can stimulate strong peristaltic action and promote a bowel movement.


Lemons are filled with minerals, especially potassium, Vitamin C, and bioflavonoids. They have a cleansing action for the entire body.

Fresh lemon juice is the king of fruit juices. It contains citric acid, which acts in the body in a way no other juice does. First it acts on the liver to build up its enzymes so it can detoxify toxins in the blood. Then it combines with calcium to form soluble chemical substances. This makes it effective in removing kidney and pancreatic stones, plack build up along artery walls, and other calcium deposits that occur in the body.

When the liver, gallbladder, and pancreas are not working right, food digestion is affected. This in turn will create constipation.

Use lemons moderately since they break up oils during digestion and in our body they make oils less available to our cells and joints.

If you have lemon allergies or ulcers then you should avoid lemon juice. If you have arthritis lemons are not a good choice.

Here’s what to do:

Squeeze one lemon into a glass of warm distilled water. Drink it first thing when you wake up. Don’t drink anything else for at least 1/2 hour

You can use a citrus press to juice the lemon or just squeeze it to get the juice out.

Grapefruit Juice

Another constipation remedy you can use is drinking a glass of fresh squeezed grapefruit first thing in the

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Making Your Own Citrus Juice At Home

There are a number of different types of citrus fruits that people around the world enjoy every day, all of which can be made into fresh juice right in the comfort of your very own home. You no longer have to go to the store and by juice. This is made possible by juicing. This article will identify some of the different types of citrus juice that you can make at home with your own juicer.

The first type of juice and possible the most popular type of citrus juice is orange juice. Orange juice is loaded with vitamin C and is very easy to make from scratch. You dont even need an electric juicer to make this type of drink. You can simply use your old fashioned bowl juicer if you really want to. It will take a little more time and effort to get the amount that you need to make a good batch of juice, but it can be done. Just cut the oranges in have and squeeze them on the juicer until all of the juice is extracted. Repeat this until you have enough juice for your drink. If time is a factor and you need to make a good amount in a short period of time, then an electric juicer will probably be the better solution. Simply peel and cut the oranges into pieces and then place them into the juicer. Grind everything until it is liquefied and then simply pour and serve. Its that simple.

Some other types of citrus juice that can be made from scratch in the comfort of your very own home are mango, lemon, and lime juice. These types of juice are similar to the orange juice that we just discussed and it can be made almost exactly the same way. Regardless

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Juice Drinks the Latest Target in NYC

The $70 billion U.S. soft drink industry is under fire again. After first targeting soda, the New York City Health Department (NYCHD) has now decided to turn its attention to sports drinks, teas and energy drinks.

The department has launched new ads on TV and in subways that claim that healthier-sounding choices, such as fruit-flavored drinks containing added sugar, are just as unhealthy as soda and are responsible for causing obesity and diabetes. In some cases, these drinks may even be worse than soda. For example a 20-ounce Coca-Cola has 240 calories but the same size Minute Maid lemonade has 260 calories and only 3% lemon juice.

-Non-soda sugary drinks have been marketed as being healthier, with references to fruit and antioxidants, vitamins and energy,- New York City Health Commissioner Thomas Farley, a medical doctor, said. -We’re trying to warn them that these drinks can have as much or more sugar and calories as soda because we still have a major epidemic of obesity.- This is just the latest after beverage makers have come under scrutiny the last few years as officials try to slow consumption of sugary soft drinks in an attempt to reduce high obesity rates in the U.S. According to Chris Gindlesperger, a spokesman for the American Beverage Association, -the New York City Health Department is oversimplifying the complex set of factors behind obesity.- According to statistics from New York City, there has been a drop in sugar-sweetened beverage consumption during these campaigns. Adults who drink one or more sugar-sweetened beverage a day has declined from almost 36% in 2007 to almost 30 percent in 2011, according to a city tracking poll. Today almost 36% of U.S. adults and about 17% of youths are considered obese, as measured by the body mass index. The NYCHD’s

Jul 08

Decorate Your Place With Artificial Fruit And Vegetables

What role does fruits and vegetable play in our lives? You might be thinking that what a silly question I might have asked. We all know that the fruits and vegetables are so much nutritious. And contain a whole lot of vitamins, fibres etc which are so important for our body. You might have heard the saying An apple a day keeps the doctor away. But today we would discuss as to how you could use them for decorating your home, restaurant, and hotel. Do not get surprised. This is so true. Their one look would increase your appetite for sure. The artificial fruit and vegetable would help you create a perfect ambience, up the decor and would win you instant appreciation.

A basket or bowl full of fruits or vegetable on the dining table or the kitchen counter would enhance to the overall beauty of the space. Another indirect advantage of using these artificial fruit and vegetable is that they would attract your kids attention and might be they start enjoying eating fruits and vegetables. Also with small kids these fruits and vegetables could be used to teach them about their names and thus add to their knowledge. You could even set up a small kitchen garden of these plants in the balcony and grab the eyeballs. Your friends would not only be envious but inquisitive as well as to how you find time for all this from your hectic schedule.

A grape leaf trail at the gate with synthetically ripened grapes and delicate green leaves would be perfect to welcome your guest. If you have got a terrace go for artificial mango trees with authentic wooden trunk and realistic green leaves. You would surely get enquiries like how you could plant a mango tree in a pot.

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Tropical Fruit For Filipino Traditional Recipe

Without being noticed, Philippine tropical fruit is becoming a popular ingredient on Filipino cuisine. I have here a list of fruit that being used for additional taste and flavor.
Tamarind : Tamarind is one of popular fruit for Filipino cuisine; it is commonly used for Sinigang and Pinangat recipe. Presently due to tamarinds popularity a lots of Philippines food seasoning manufacturer develop a seasoning as an alternate for the fruit. Tamarind is also prepare as candy, ripen Tamarind is prepare with sugar then rolled with salt, finish product is wrap using cellophane and usually offered in small grocery.
Peanut: Peanut is usually grind the way peanut butter was, it is included on kare kare recipe, a popular Filipino beef stew recipe. Kare Kare is considered as one of the most prepared Filipino during special occasion and celebration.
Kamias or Bilimbi Fruit: Kamias are usually use as an alternate for Tamarind when cooking sinigang. Kamias is prepared as Burong Kamias ( Fermented Kamias), burong kamias is best served along with fried fish.
Raw Papaya Fruit: Raw papaya fruit is commonly used for Tinolang manok, a day to day chicken soup recipe. Aside from Tinola papaya fruit is also used as the main ingredient for Achara recipe.
Banana : Banana is usually included when preparing Nilaga recipe (Pork or beef stew), it is also included for Filipino marina such as Turon, Bananaque, Halo Halo. People in Visaya also use banana for their humba recipe.
JackFruit : Raw Langka or jackfruit is also a well known ingredient with some of Bicolano recipe, the fruit is being cook with coconut milk, chili, and dried fish. This recipe is also a popular dish in Manila. Ripen jack fruit is also included when preparing halohalo and as a filling for

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The health benefits of beetroot juice Information On Beetroot And Beetroot Nutrition Facts

Medical News


News : mediconews.com

Dental News : mediconews.com”>The beet is the most intense of vegetables. The radish, admittedly, is more feverish, but the fire of the radish is a cold fire, the fire of discontent, not of passion. Tomatoes are lusty enough, yet there runs through tomatoes an undercurrent of frivolity. Beets are deadly serious. benefits of beetroot juice The rich color of beetroot is a testimony of the rich benefits it provides to the body. Various kinds of benefits ranging from blood cooling and purification to digestive help have been linked to beetroot These days beetroot juice is gaining in popularity as it is believed to have a stimulating effect for warding off general weakness and specific ailments. Given below is a detailed mentioning of the various benefits of beetroot juice and how its intake can enhance your health and well being.

Beetroot juice has lately been linked with digestive health. This is because it aids in the digestion of fat and also stimulates the nerves in the intestine. Moreover, the chlorine present in beet juices helps in regulating digestion. Along with helping in the digestive process of the body, beetroot juice aids in absorption of iron. Thus, people with low HB are often recommended the intake of beetroot, either in raw form or in the form of juices as beetroot are usually taken as a blood builder. The rich red color of beet roots help in the reddening and improvement of the quality of blood. If you are feeling low, fatigued and weak, then a glass of beetroot juice can ward off all your weakness.Beetroot juices are also seen as natural remedies for sexual weakness, kidney stones and for problem of liver and gall bladder. Beetroots are also believed to be a powerful

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Do The Le Vive Juice Really Work

There no doubt that Ardyss International is a spectacular company that have an awesome line of products. The one question that everybody would like to know, do the Le vive juice really work? Le vive has five of the most significant antioxidant ingredients which some often call it superfruits. Le vive consists of acai berry, goji berry, noni fruit, mangosteen fruit and pomoegranate. Le vive juice berries are a gift of nature that has been consumed for its overall health and fitness benefits. Le vive is an all nature drink that has no added sugar, no high fructose, corn syrup and no artificial colors or flavors. Le vive juice is known to help fight various diseases and because the le vive juice is a completely organic herbal product, Naturally there are no side effects arising out of it. Le vive is safe and healthy for the whole entire family even children and pregnant women.

Who should take Le vive: If your always worried about your health I think this is an awesome drink to take for you and the family, Le vive is a healthy drink that kills bacteria and fungus. If Your a worker that works 12 or later hour shifts and your always are tired, Le vive is a perfect drink that gives energy without the crash. Le vive is also for those who have Very bad Arthritis pain, Le vive kills the pain instantly and makes it feel like there never was arthritis.

The Benefits of taking Le vive: There are tons of Benefits for taking Le vive, Le vive helps reduce stress and depression, controls high blood pressure and diabetes. Le vive prevent degenerative conditions, like Cancer!! Le vive increases energy levels, prevent strokes and heart attacks it also decrease choleserol levels. Le vive eliminate atherosclerosis

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