May 28

Orange juices serve the best in keeping the healthiness of body.

Orange juice refers to the juice coming from oranges. It is made by extraction from the fresh fruit, by aridness and subsequent reconstitution of dried juice, or by concentration of the juice and the subsequent addition of water to the concentrate. In American English, the slang term OJ may also be used to refer to orange juice. A one cup serving of raw fresh orange juice, amounting to 247 g or 8 ounces, has 124 mg of vitamin C. It also supplies potassium, thiamin, and foliate. Generally orange juice is made from the sweet orange. Different cultivars (e.g. Valencia, Hamlin) have different properties, and a producer may mix cultivar juices to get a desired taste. People have been consuming the fruit juices either it be orange, pineapple, or watermelon or mango since ages. The vendors or the stalls at the road side either sell it in glass or some plastic container. Orange juice packaging is done in plastic bags mostly. But now a day’s artificially made orange juices are in market now. Orange juices packaging is done by adding preservatives which keep the juices fresh for a longer period of time. Many industries are now indulging themselves in this field as the need for the juices are increasing day by day along with growth of population. People relying completely on junk food are now shifting towards fruit juices in order to lose their obesity which now has become the main problem amongst youngsters. Commercial squeezed orange juice is pasteurized and filtered before being evaporated under vacuum and heat. After removal of most of the water, this concentrated juice, about 65% sugar by weight, is then stored at about 10 F (-12 C). Essences, Vitamin C, and oils extracted during the vacuum concentration process may be added back to restore flavor. Plastic bags are used since ages but now plastic zipper bags are also used. Zipper bags are provided with the zippers at the ends so that one can easily close and open the bags. Plastic zipper bags are generally transparent in color and thus things which are packed inside can be easily seen from outside. They are light in weight and are used for multipurpose usage. Some times as per requirement they are printed with companies name and logo for promotional usage. Online sellers of bags are also in demand. They provide with wide range and colors.

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