Oct 04

Mangosteen Fruit – Get Straight Facts

What used to be a favorite dessert in the Southeast Asian region is now one of the most commercialized fruits in the world. The Mangosteen fruit has been the word-of-mouth of many health enthusiasts as it continues to be a part of the daily diet of health-conscious individuals. They cannot be blamed for being mangosteen enthusiasts as the fruit proves itself to be worthy of the attention. Researches have proven that the fruit has the most Xanthones content as compared with any other fruit. Xanthones has been a proven antioxidant and has great effects on an individual’s body if taken adequately daily.

Aside from eating its flesh, the mangosteen fruit is widely distributed around the globe in the form of juices. Xango, the pioneer in mangosteen juice making, has made the fruit very popular around the world, selling thousands of bottles of mangosteen juices daily. People who have been taking the juices and eating the fruit daily reported several benefits from the fruit. One notable side effect was the decrease in their allergy attacks. This can be attributed to the naturally present xanthones on the fruit that is known also to be a natural antihistamine. The good thing is, it functions the same way as an antihistamine minus the drowsy side effect.

The reception of the consumers regarding different mangosteen fruit products is very overwhelming. Aside from the ready to drink juice, there already are multivitamins, skin care products, and ready-to-mix powdered juices that can be bought directly from Xango marketers. This just shows the versatility of the fruit, showing that it can be taken as a regular dessert, as a juice, as a multivitamin tablet, and a topical ointment for skin diseases, too. All of these products show how invaluable the fruit is and how the market is demanding its production more and more everyday.


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