Mar 31

Lose Belly Fat In Your 50s – Why Fruit Juices Make You Fat

Millions of people sit down to breakfast with a glass of fruit juice thinking it is full of healthy ingredients or they have it on hand in the refrigerator as a thirst quencher. Children grab a drink when they come home from school to drink with their favorite snack; people have it with their lunch rather than coffee or soda.

Many people are trying to be healthy and to give their bodies nutrients and parents are looking after the well being of their children. The trouble is, most commercial juices and fruit drinks do not carry a lot of goodness but rather are loaded with sugar, which will make you fat.

Too Much Sugar

Fruit is full of sugar in the form of fructose, but it is also full of healthy ingredients such as fiber, vitamins and minerals. If you read the ingrediants of any fruit juice you will see there is a high sugar content. Many of them sound good – organic or squeezed daily – but by the time they are processed and bottled, most of the goodness has gone. You are left with another sugary drink, which will add to your stomach fat. Sure, it is better to drink a fruit juice rather than a soda, but not much better.

Commercially produced fruit juice should not be part of any health plan. It is better to buy a juicer and make it yourself or, better still, take the time to eat the whole fruit. That way you retain the fiber in the fruit. This important to any health program, particularly when you are trying to lose stomach fat, as it helps with elimination. Proper elimination is vital in staying healthy and to losing weight. The body needs to rid itself of waste and toxins. Fiber helps to do this.

What To Drink?

Fresh juice you have squeezed yourself is the best, but you are not going to drink it all day long – if you have too much you are getting too much sugar anyway. Freshly squeezed juice does not retain its goodness for long, so it needs to be drunk when it is freshly squeezed. Water and green tea are the best drinks. Water is also vital to a health plan as it plays an important part in elimination. Water flushes the system, gets rid of the toxins and helps breakdown fat. Green tea has some caffeine in it, so it gives you a lift, but it is full of antioxidants, which are vital to good health.

The sugar in fruit juices adds to your stomach fat. If you a re trying to lose stomach fat, stay away from commercial juices.


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