Sep 20

Loan Or Purchase An Orange Juice Machine And Enjoy Freshly Squeezed Juice All The Time

Freshly squeezed orange juice always goes down well at public areas or social or corporate events. There are fantastic fully automatic orange juicer machines available to purchase or hire for use, and you are sure to see the benefit of having one.

The best kind of juice is always freshly squeezed, and you can instantly tell the difference between freshly squeezed and out of the carton. If you want freshly squeezed juice available at all times then consider purchasing or hiring a Juice Machine. There are companies that offer this brilliant service, and these machines are fantastic to have in heath clubs, leisure centres, cafs and restaurants, pubs, hotels, corporate venues and other locations, and will be a worthwhile investment. If it is for use in a public area like the ones just mentioned, people are sure to appreciate this service and will be sure to put them in a good mood and may even bring them back.

The market leaders in juicing machines allow you to hire or purchase them, and are head and shoulders above the competition in terms of taste and also ease of use. They use a fully automatic squeezing system which is unique in that it the zesty oils or spray come into contact with the juice at all, making it perfectly fresh. The oranges themselves can also be delivered in specially refrigerated vans to lock in the good taste, and you do not need to wash the oranges before putting them in the machine either. Whats more, you can see the entire process through a screen on the Orange Juice Machine which is fun as you can also see how it is done!

You are sure to be impressed with these machines and are sure to see the benefit of having one, but you can also receive a demonstration with no obligations if you wish. And a trial period with one of these machines is sure to show you that you cannot beat freshly squeezed orange juice. If you purchase a juice machine you will receive a one year guarantee, a wide range of accessories and spare parts back up service. Loaning one of these machines will see you get no obligations, regular deliveries of top quality oranges and more. There are a number of different orange juicer machines available in different sizes, so you are sure to find one for you. The hopper can hold up to 70 oranges, and bottles can also be supplied so that your clients can easily bottle their own juice.
So if you work in a public area such as a gym, hotel, and leisure centre or if you are organising a social or corporate event then be sure to loan or purchase one of these fantastic orange juicer machines. They are sure to be a huge hit as you cannot beat freshly squeezed orange juice, and it is sure to impress your visitors or clients and leave them feeling refreshed and satisfied.


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