Oct 15

Know The Features of Hr1861 Philips Juicer

Philips Juicers are known for their high quality, great efficiency and endurance. These futuristic machines from Philips can be perfect companion for any person who is blessed to work in kitchen. These juicers increase the joy of working in kitchen. They help reduce the time to complete a task. Moreover, you need not spend your energy over extracting the juice from fruits and vegetables. Let us learn review the features and performance of a very popular model, hr1861 philips juicer.

The philips hr1861 juicer is a class apart from other products in its category. It has got an extra large feeding tube that allows putting the whole fruit and vegetable in the juicer. Moreover, you need not prepare the fruit before putting it into the juicer. It means, you need not peel, cut or chop the fruits. s.

This juicer comes with a powerful motor of 700 watts and is equipped with two speeds to handle the soft as well as hard fruits and vegetables. Since it is fitted with a large pulp container, you can extract up to two liters of the juice at once. Along with the pulp container, this juicer also comes with a juice jug. Moreover, there is a foam separator also in the one and half liter juice jug.

Like all other Philips juicers and other machines, this juicer is also designed with state of the art technology, keeping in mind the consumer’s demands and expectations. It has a micro-mesh filter that squeezes out till the last drop of the juice left in the pulp.

Most juicers available in the market can extract juice easily to some extent, but when it comes to cleaning, it is very hard task. That’s why many people do not use juicers often even after spending a fortune. However, with this Philips hr1861 juicer, cleaning is very simple. All its detachable parts are dishwasher safe.

This Philips juicer is a great combination of functionality and looks. Apart from perfect functioning, it is designed with perfect looks. It is done is anodized aluminum finish that matches with any other modern kitchen appliance. Moreover, its aluminum frame will not get stains or dents.

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