Jul 21

Juice Recipes – How To Make Your Favorite Juices

There are many different types of juice that you can make on your own and can be enjoyed any time of the day. Here are some simple recipes or steps for making different types of juice that your whole family can enjoy.

Orange Juice

Perhaps one of the most popular types of juice that many like to make at home is orange juice. This particular drink is very easy to make. All you need to do is gather up a bunch or whole oranges, about 12 or so, cut them in half, and the squeeze the juice from them into a pitcher.

As you probably know, squeezing that many oranges can be quite time consuming and tiresome. Instead of squeezing them all by hand, you can use an orange juicer or a citrus juicer to accomplish the same task in a much shorter period of time. The juicer effectively removes all of the juice from the oranges when you squeeze them down on it. Plus, if you like pulp in your drink you will most likely get some of the pulp form the oranges when you squeeze them.

Apple Juice

Another wonderful type of juice that many enjoy making is apple juice, which is just as easy to make as orange juice. For this particular drink you need a good number of apples. You can pick them fresh from a tree or you can simply purchase them at your local grocery store. The preferred method is hand picking them straight from an apple tree because this usually offers the freshest taste.

Once you have enough apples gathered up, then you need to put them through a juicer. A juicer is a piece of equipment that has a tank or barrel where the apple go, and augur that runs down through the middle of the juicer, and a platform that sits on the augur and rotates downward into the take in order to crush the apples and squeeze the juice down into a holding tank. The holding tank usually has a screen over the top of it which catches any dirt or debris that makes it’s way through the hole that the juice runs through.

When all of the apples have been squeezed or when the holding tank gets full, you can remove it and pour the juice into individual bottles. The end result is another great tasting juice that your family will definitely love.

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