Oct 02

Juice Plus Scam, Uncovered

Uneasy about a juice plus scam? Let me reveal something. I’ve analyzed scores of network marketing companies and once in a while, I’m tempted to acquire the products they are selling.

Juice plus is one of those. Juice plus scam? I dont think so. Let me make clear.

Is the Juice Plus product really a miracle worker? Will it heal deadly illnesses? Will it instantaneously shave 20 years off of your age and cause you to look young and healthful again? Nope.

That being understood, I wonder if it can impart certain health benefits? Lets think about it.

Juice Pluse sells products that contain nutrients from 17 fruits and vegetables.

What I’m about to write down is pretty obvious but worth repeating.


Fruits, vegetables and grains are vital for energy. We humans are nutritionally starved. The terrible foods that are delivered to us on a daily basis are, quite frankly, more hurtful than helpful. Is it any surprise that the United States has ever escalating numbers of individuals being treated with cancer and heart disease?

Juice plus simply acknowledges this giant challenge and produces a product thats designed to help. Its not a be all end all solution. It’s a preventative step you can take to help supercharge your eating habits. They confess right on their website that youll be healthier eating the recommended amounts of fruits, grains and vegetables. If you can do that, GREAT! Dont use their product.

The sad fact remains, this is just far too challenging to do for the ordinary person. Herein we find the need for Juice plus.

The majority of people don’t get the appropriate nutrition in their fast paced diets. Doesn’t it make sense to add at least a few of those nutrients back into your body with handy capsules?

The Science
Many projects I review, notably those marketing health products, are critiqued for the shortage of peer reviewed scientific studies.

Do you comprehend that clinical research for Juice plus has been reported in at least 11 peer reviewed medical and scientific journals? This is BIG! After reviewing a few of these studies, any feelings of a juice plus scam is prone to disolve.

The Company
Another advantage is that the parent company has been around since for over 35 years. Longevity is a fantastic indicator of a well run company.

A juice plus scam is very improbable, based upon the name and history of it’s partner company, NSA.

The Point
Juice plus is a fixed company that markets a product that makes perfect sense to those that worry about their health.


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