Apr 28

Juice From Demarini And An Awesome Price

For all age of playing check out the DeMarini Juice. This Slowpitch Softball Bat is designed for the sickest of the sick. The Juice is fused with an Evolution Composite handle. For an awesome handle.

The insane dedication to performance form DeMarini since 1989 gives the Juice the best technology. The stacked composite barrel from the Juice delivers pure half and half performance for the tournament pro.

The new DeMarini Juice comes with a clutch end cap which returns energy to the barrel for maximum ball launching power. That means more distance, and more hits to the average player.

A DeMarini exclusive, Positack is made of moisture-absorbing composite material for a secure grip. Getting the hands sweaty not a problem with the Juice from DeMarini. You never have to worry about the bat flying further than the ball.

Tired of buying gloves because your bat can’t deliver the comfort? Well with the DeMarini Juice that isn’t an issue. Another plus of the Positack is it reduces the vibration and hand fatigue for better comfort and control.

How do you tell which side of the bat you just hit the ball with? Well the Juice from DeMarini you never have to guess because of its rotation index. Now you have the opportunity to prolong the life of the Juice from DeMarini. The more it is evenly rotated the more longer it is going to live.

Do you always remember which side of the bat you just hit the ball with? The Numerical Index on the Juice never again will you guess which side of the bat of the bat did I just hit a homer with. This index reminds you to incrementally rotate the bat after each hit.

Looking for a bat that is to good to be true as if its a steal? Well look no further. The DeMarini Juice is the new bat of 07. The half and half construction combines an ultra light composite handle that gives a better swing, more control, and more balls flying out of the park.


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