Sep 24

Johnson Creek Creates High Quality Juice For Electronic Cigarettes

It could be argued that the best part about smoking electronic cigarettes is the fact that the user is not stuck with one of two available flavors. The juice or liquid that is used in e-cigs comes in an amazing array of tastes, taking the act of using an electronic cigarette to a whole new level, one that traditional tobacco cigarettes can not compete with.

Johnson Creek is a premier smoke juice maker, making the very act of buying juice almost like buying a fine liquer. Buyers can purchase a kit called “welcome to e-smoking”, which contains a sampling of different liquids, tips for filling and is presented in a branded wooden box that has a sliding lid. A very elegant presentation that denotes quality is inside.

The people behind Johnson Creek strive to make their liquids as fine as they can be. Johnson Creek e-liquid designers are passionate about making the finest product they can, like craft brewers who are passionate about creating that perfect beer. While Johnson Creek has created high-quality e-liquid for electronic cigarettes, they don’t stop there. The creative team keeps working towards making the experience of vaping with their smoke juice one that is unforgettable.

Johnson Creek’s Original Smoke Juice comes in flavors that are nuanced and delicious. Fill up a tip with the espresso flavor for the taste of drinking a cup of coffee after a meal. It’s the satisfaction of the coffee flavor without the jitters of the caffeine. Or, pick up some Arctic Menthol to cool and refresh with after a stressful day. Original Smoke Juice is about experiencing and enjoying the flavor as opposed to a passing sensation.

All of Johnson Creek’s liquids are made from the highest quality materials for the smoothest and cleanest taste experience. No impurities in the bases to skew the flavors; all the smoker tastes is the flavor that is on the bottle. Liquids are made in the USA, and each and every batch is made by hand. Everything is made with pharmaceutical and food grade ingredients for the utmost in safe consumption. Consumers get nothing but the best liquid from Johnson Creek, partaking in the company’s passion to bring excellence to the electronic cigarette smoking world.


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