Aug 25

How To Make Orange Juice From Scratch

Making orange juice from scratch could possibly be one of the easiest tasks that you’ll take on in all of your cooking and beverage making experiences. Why is it so easy? Because there is so little that you need in order to do so. You can make orange juice with only one ingredient, oranges, or you can add a little variation to your orange juice to make it a little more interesting.

The simplest way to make orange juice really only requires a handful of oranges, or at least enough oranges to get a picture full of juice. All you do is cut the oranges in half and then squeeze them with your bare hands into a pitcher. You can also use a juicer if you’ve got one handy. A juicer can be helpful if you don’t want to tire out your hands by squeezing them all. You can also use a citrus juicer which is a motorized juicer that chops and juices them in one complete cycle. This is a more handy way to make orange juice and takes only a fraction of the time that it would if you squeezing the oranges by hand.

If you don’t want plain orange juice and want to add a little to it to spice it up a little, then you can certainly add any number of other fruits to your mix to make great tasting juice. Fruits such as lemon, lime, cranberry, banana, strawberry, all can be added to your orange juice mix to create wonderful tasting beverages. These can also be thrown in the citrus juicer and mixed together in one great tasting drink.

Orange juice can be made a number of different ways, from plain orange juice with oranges being the only ingredient, to an array of different fruits combined with oranges in one great tasting drink. Whichever way you enjoy it, you’ll be sure to reap the health benefits of the wonderful fruit.

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