Mar 28

How to Eating fruit for Women Health and Beauty

How to Eating fruit for Womans Health & Beauty

Most fruit are all contain vitamins, minerals, organic acids, sugars and pectin. It plays a vital activity in the human body “lubricant” role, the importance of paying attention more and more people. It also adjusts the body digest, absorb and promote the excretion of the features, some also anti-fatigue, disease prevention and anti-aging.

of course there is a certain side effects Eating some fruit , as some contain hydrocyanic acid (such as ginkgo, cherry), it cannot eat, and some with high pectin (such as persimmon), eat more raw stones may have The acid is too high (such as lemon, pomegranate, etc.) vulnerable teeth. Therefore, pears, dates, apricots, persimmon, ginkgo, pineapple, bananas and other fruits, although able to eat, but never to eat.

Pay attention to the taboo when eating the fruit:
not be excessive, even watermelon, grapes, eating too much may also occur diarrhea, stomach sickness.
more fruit with tannic acid, such as lemon, pomegranate, red bayberry, etc., easily and seafood in protein, calcium, iron and the like combined, resulting in stimulation of the gastrointestinal tract stones or abdominal pain occurs.
Do not think that just eat the fruit, sufficient vitamin C, fruit contains vitamin C, but the amount of mixed fruit and added alone, in fact, is not enough.
In order to lose weight eating fruit is not suitable for the large number of obese people is mainly neutral fat and more body, and fruits contained fructose and glucose, can be transformed into neutral fat, are likely to increase body weight.
moldy, rotten fruit is not edible, in order to prevent bacterial infection and prevention of poisoning. Those who show themselves fit, may be appropriate to use the following fruit. Fig sweet nature, to spleen and stomach, clearing heat, with swelling and detoxification of power. Modern research has found that the qualities of their fruit have anti-cancer and anti-fatigue effects, the extract also reduced blood sugar, lower fat function. Therefore, the FDA often can lose weight eating healthy.

Hawthorn sweet sour, flat, to digestion of the plot, spleen and stomach, qi and blood circulation. Which contains lipase, fatty foods can promote digestion, help the transformation of cholesterol, it can lipid, blood pressure; contained glycosides, can regulate cardiac function; it contains oleanolic acid , birds Cable acid and hawthorn acid, they belong to triterpenoid acid substances, with enhanced coronary artery, the role of cerebrovascular blood supply; another Zhuang Jing Su (a flavonoid), etc., can anti-cancer and anti-bacterial, anti-inflammatory. Therefore, lipid-lowering Hawthorn is indeed blind, beauty spices.


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