I was looking to buy a flying object and it turned out
I was looking to buy a flying object and it turned out

Born out of necessity

I was looking to buy a flying object and it turned out that there are thousands of people building flying objects around the world . But there are a few who know how to serve to customers. This is the reason I have chosen fresh breeze to buy my trike. I thought I would take from them the deserved service for which i was going to pay and that fits with German suppliers.

Eventually I decided to pay 45,000 euros for an XCitor offered by this company.

After 30 hours of flying, one package of XCitor had an defect. I called the company as I was inside the warranty, and as suggested, i send the packs to them.

I do understand that defects can happen and are totally normal, but I don’t understand and mainly I don’t want to understand the employees insulting me on the phone. It is the first time for me to hear from a terrestrial that I talk bullshit, when an equipment doesn’t work and all I asked from them was to get to know the status of a package sent to you with their request (suggested by the company itself). You should understand that I am not Fresh Breeze administrator, in order to find solutions for taking a package.

Someone from staff argued that they don’t have enough staff and I couldn’t wait for Niklas (the owner) to finish his holidays to have an answer for a package sent via DHL, for a faster service.

I was looking to buy a flying object…

Don’t understand their bizarre behavior with me. I am not asking  for a good service in the name of friendship . I am asking for service in the name of the payment i have done to this company. They are obliged to offer me the deserved service as they accepted money from me. Or at least the deserved communication.

Regarding Hirth engine, I suggest the company to update their manual and get some managing lessons.

Now i am pretty sure I made the wrong choice by choosing this company.


As a result, I want to save anyone who wants a flying object. You can use this site to help you build your trike. For less than 3,500 euros instead of 45,000 euros I dumped in the trash.