Oct 19

Edible Fruit Baskets – The Perfect Gift

Edible fruit baskets are an excellent gift choice for any occasion. Whether it is a Mother’s day surprise or a get-well gift for a loved one in the hospital, a fruit basket will surely brighten their day. Fruit baskets nowadays are brightly colored, beautifully prepared works of art and one might even feel guilty eating them.

Most fruit baskets are filled with apples, pears, grapes, dates, figs, pineapple and other delectables, all trimmed and coated to perfection, to match the occasion of course. A gourmet basket may also contain baklava, expensive artisanal, aged cheddar cheese and even an assortment of nuts and chocolates – basically anything you can think of.

What makes edible fruit baskets a perfect gift, is their adaptability and utility – no matter what the season or time of year, they can be made to look and taste great every time. The fresh fruit baskets make a great gift because of the zero hassle, and little or no time wastage in their procurement. A basket can easily be arranged for and sent to the recipient, by making just a simple phone call. And if you want to see the gift you make, then the internet is a good option.

Economists have estimated that $12 billion, out of a grand total of $66 billion, are spent on gifts each year and go to waste, as these gifts are declined or returned unappreciated or just forgotten. But, as far as edible fruit baskets are concerned, I am sure that no one in their right minds will refuse them. Fruit is eaten with relish, no matter where you live, so there is little or no chance of it going to waste.

As a matter of fact, the assortment of nuts and sweets which accompany such gourmet fresh fruit baskets, also do not go to waste. If the receiver, due to some allergy is not able to enjoy them, it can easily be passed on to someone else to enjoy. The only thing that needs to be given a serious thought to before making such a gift is that, the produce (in this case, the fruit) must be fresh and has grown according to the best organic food practices.

Special care should also be taken as to the packing and/or the packaging materials used in preparing these baskets. It should be ensured by the presenter of the gift, that a basket made of wood, preferably of willow, is used. Packing such gifts in any form of plastic or Styrofoam must be discouraged. In addition, special care should be taken in case of exotic fruits, with regards to their quality and freshness. This is specially so in cases of delicate exotic fruits such as mangoes.

Overall, presenting a beautifully customized edible fruits basket would certainly lift a loved one’s spirits and get you in their good graces. Edible fruit baskets are a great idea, not to mention fresh and unique.


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