Jul 14

Drinking Tomato Juice Before Alcohol Could Protect Stomach

Pure tomato juice contains a lot of healthy ingredients, such as vitamin C, minerals, dietary fiber, lycopene and so on. Among these nutrients, lycopene has the most remarkable health benefits. How many benefits does lycopene have?

It is a natural plant pigment which belongs to the category of carotenoid. In all carotenoids, it has the strongest antioxidant activity. Free radical scavenging effect of lycopene is far better than other carotenoids and vitamin E. Its singlet oxygen quenching rate constant is 100 times more than that of vitamin E, and it is one of the strongest anti-oxidants in nature. Thus, lycopene has another name -plant gold- given by people. At the same time, it has also been identified as A class of nutrients by the UNFAO and the World Health Organization.

Many people know that tomato juice has a high nutritional value, but they did not know there is another effect of tomato juice, that is to help us ease drunkenness. According to the animal experiments result, tomato juice could ease drunken symptoms such as dizzy and dysphoria. What’s more, it could increase ethanol dehydrogenase activity in liver and stomach organizations, stimulate the ethanol metabolism, and lower serum ethanol concentration.

In addition, tomato juice is better to drink before drinking alcohol, so that tomato juice can play a very good buffering, dilution effect, reduce the absorption of alcohol, speed, and ease the stimulation of alcohol on the stomach.

Except tomato juice, there are other foods to dispel the effects of alcohol. Celery juice could be used to cure the gastrointestinal discomfort and facial redness after drunk. Celery juice contains abundant B family vitamins which could resolve alcohol. If your gastrointestinal functions are weak, it is better to drink celery juice in advance.

Appropriate drinking of alcohol is good for health, but over drinking will cause serious damage to health. So, we have to learn to protect ourselves.

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