Oct 14

Coffee Fruit

The tests are in; Coffee Fruit From the Kona Region in Hawaii is the most pure in the world. Coffee Fruit extracts are just now available within the United States through KonaRed Coffee Fruit Company, flown straight from the Mountains of Kona. High antioxidant levels in the freeze-dried coffee fruit have led leading scientist like Dr.Dr. Justin Paquette ia fellowship-trained surgeon excited to recommend that patients suffering from conditions such as arthritis and gout try coffee fruit . He earned a triple major in Biology, Psychology, and Cognitive Science from Vassar College. He spent postgraduate time at Yale University studying degenerative disorders in the primate brain. With a Masters Degree from Boston University School of Medicine with a thesis studying the neuro-degenerative effects of Huntington’s disease. At Albany Medical College, Dr. Paquette published work on free radicals in the process of neuronal cell injury and aging, and the positive effects of various neuro-protective agents. He completed his neurosurgery residency at Harvard and Tufts Universities. Dr. Paquette then finished a fellowship in complex spinal disorders at Cedars Sinai Medical Center in Los Angeles. He currently practices in Beverly Hills.

Free dried KonaRed Coffee Fruit has some of the highest levels of antioxidants available, and now is becoming available for the first time at pharmaceutical grade quality through the KonaRed Coffee Fruit Company. The packaging includes sample and lot testing data so quality is ensured throughout the supply chain. KonaRed is the only domestic source of this super food and has helped people to lead healthier lives. You can read and see some live testimonials from clients on the YouTube channel who have experienced “gout cures” after use of the Coffee Fruit extracts from KonaRed. There is some speculation that the anti inflammatory property of the coffee fruit extracts including antioxidants help reduce the swelling associated with gout.

This pure powder is antioxidant concentrated superfood; it truly is health in the bag. For more information see the video library on YouTube, it seems to be the best collection of info on the web on this super food.


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