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California Fruit Gifts History and Overview

California Fruit Gifts History and Overview

Inspired by the West

The name for the company, California Fruit Gifts was no doubt inspired by the citrus tradition in California. Everyone knows that some of the sweetest fruits are grown on the west side of the country. What better place to grow fruit and what better place to name your fruit basket company after? Thats where the California Fruit Gifts Company got their inspiration.

In keeping with tradition of the wests love for fruits of all kinds, the California Fruit Gifts Company has many, many choices when it comes to gift baskets of fruit. The choices range from plain baskets involving apples, oranges and pears to luxurious dried fruit and nut gourmet gift baskets. Many companies do not carry the option of organics these days. The California Fruit Gifts Company does have several types of organic gifting options to suit the organic lovers needs.

Fruits and Ciders

If you are going to add anything to fruit, it ought to be cider. The California Fruit Gifts company knows that well enough, which is why they provide both fruit and cider gifts as a combination. They offer inexpensive gifts for under $30 to fit anyones budget. Fruit in and of itself is really quite expensive. Being able to give a gift from the California Fruit Gifts that is so unique, visually appealing, healthy and, well, made of fruit is fantastic.

Regardless of the occasion, the California Fruit Gifts Company can supply you with appropriate themed gift baskets containing many different varieties of fresh or dried fruits with nuts and or ciders as well. The California Fruit Gifts is serious about their fruit baskets. They are so serious, in fact, that they formed a fruit of the month club just for those of you who appreciate edible art as much as they do.

Chocolates and Teas

When it comes to fruits mixed with chocolates or teas, the California Fruit Gifts Company has you covered there too. In fact, they even do chocolate and tea baskets with fruit that are organic. Organic anything is hard enough to come by. But finding an organic gift basket readily packaged with ripe, delicious fruit is truly a failsafe way to give your friends, family members and even co-workers a healthy and thoughtful present theyll be sure to love.


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