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Bountiful Fruit History and Overview

Bountiful Fruit History and Overview

Fruit Online

The World Wide Web is responsible for creating many wonderful things. Amongst its many creations is Bountiful Fruit. Its an online gift fruit store that provides consumers with beautiful, well packaged gift baskets made of premium, quality fruits. Their physical base location is in Washington. The city of Wenatchee has orchards there that produce nectarines, peaches, cherries, apples and pears.

The store was created of course not only by the internet, but rather by a company named Stemilt Growers, Inc. This company has been in the business of growing tree fruit for almost 100 years to date. Indeed, it is definitely a safe bet for growing bountiful fruit. If you are looking for fruit, Bountiful Fruit Company may very well be the place to go.

Relatively New

Although the company of Stemilt Growers, Inc. has been doing what they do best for almost 100 years, Bountiful Fruit is relatively new. They were started officially in 2005. The main goal and purpose of Bountiful Fruit is to provide anyone with access to purchasing fresh fruit right from the orchards. The best way to ensure quality with gift fruit is to get it right off the tree. This company provides that service.

Stemilt has humble roots, of which Bountiful Fruit has stemmed out of. There is a need for ripe, quality, delicious gift fruit to be available to those who want healthy and unique gifts for friends and families. Bountiful Fruit has stepped up to take care of that need. With sincere gifts made of fruit straight from the orchards, your recipient will no doubt be as pleased as you are.

The Personal Touch

Bountiful Fruit does not buy other fruits from other companies only to turn around and sell them again. They only sell what they grow. This ensures that everything they offer has been handled carefully. From the actual place of growth to being put into your gift box, Bountiful Fruit has had a hand in it all. This has cut down middle man costs and ensured long-term quality and commitment to serving you well.


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