Sep 22

Fruit That Burns Fat-or Does It

Would you like to burn fat quickly and more efficiently? There is now available a natural extract from a plant that is native to Indonesia and this is Garcina Cambogia.

What Is Garcina Cambogia Extract?
This is a very small, pumpkin-shaped fruit that is also known as tamarind. It is native to Indonesia and is also grown in Southeast Asia, India and Central and West Africa. It is used in many South Asian dishes traditionally, such as chutneys and curries. This fruit is also used for curing fish and preservation.

By adding this ingredient to meals it is considered to be very effective in making meals fill you up faster. In some villages in Malaysia, this fruit is used in making soup that can be eaten prior to a meal for weight loss due to Cambodias appetite-blocking abilities.

Is This Fruit Effective?
This fruit has been well-researched with over a dozen various clinical trials carried out over the years. Repeatedly, research reveals the power of Garcinia Cambogia has for the fat loss and the creation of healthy eating habits.

So what makes Cambogia so effective and does it really work? Cambogia is a yellow fruit that is shaped sort of like a pumpkin and it goes by other names across Southeast Asia and other area and is eaten as a food and the rind is used in traditional recipes in south India.

The extract is derived from mostly the rind, which is dried and cured and contains hydroxycitric acids HCA which is a substance advertised to block sugars and fats while suppressing appetites.

Research and Study
A study was done at St Lukes Hospital the Obesity Nutrition Research Center in New York to see if this fruit had any advantage as anti-obesity

Sep 20

Malaysian Fruits Are Becoming The Next Big Thing

Malaysian fruits are becoming very popular with an increasing number of people. Some of the more popular Malaysian fruits are pineapple, durian, watermelon, papayas, rambutan and citrus. Not only are Malaysian fruits very beneficial to your health they also taste very good.

One of the most popular Malaysian fruits is the Durian. The name of the fruit comes from “duri” which means thorns. The durian has tiny thorns which cover the outside of the fruit. The Durian is a seasonal fruit which is grown from may to August. many people boil the durian with water and sugar to eat or cook it in coconut juice. It is also used as a relish. The flesh of the Durian is supposed to act as an aphrodisiac.

Watermelon is another popular fruit grown in Malaysia. The watermelon is 90% water and is eaten mostly as a cool refreshing snack. watermelons are a leading source for Lycopene. Lycopene is a natural pigment that gives watermelon and tomatoes their color. Lycopene helps reduce the risks of developing cancers, such as prostate, colon and rectum cancer. Lycopene also helps reduce the risks of heart attacks. Watermelon seeds are rich in protein and carbohydrates. Watermelon seeds are normally dried and eaten as a snack.

Rambutan gets it’s name from “Rambut” which means hair. The skin of Rambuten is covered with whiskers giving the fruit a hairy appearance. Rambutan is used mostly for jams and fruit cocktails. The seeds of this fruit are said to be poisonous when eaten raw, so it is better to cook them before eating.

The citrus family includes Kaffer limes, sweet limes, sweet orange, sour orange, grapefruit and lemon. The uses are pretty common from juices to being used to flavor food.

Papayas are high in Vitamin C and Vitamin A. papayas are

Sep 20

Loan Or Purchase An Orange Juice Machine And Enjoy Freshly Squeezed Juice All The Time

Freshly squeezed orange juice always goes down well at public areas or social or corporate events. There are fantastic fully automatic orange juicer machines available to purchase or hire for use, and you are sure to see the benefit of having one.

The best kind of juice is always freshly squeezed, and you can instantly tell the difference between freshly squeezed and out of the carton. If you want freshly squeezed juice available at all times then consider purchasing or hiring a Juice Machine. There are companies that offer this brilliant service, and these machines are fantastic to have in heath clubs, leisure centres, cafs and restaurants, pubs, hotels, corporate venues and other locations, and will be a worthwhile investment. If it is for use in a public area like the ones just mentioned, people are sure to appreciate this service and will be sure to put them in a good mood and may even bring them back.

The market leaders in juicing machines allow you to hire or purchase them, and are head and shoulders above the competition in terms of taste and also ease of use. They use a fully automatic squeezing system which is unique in that it the zesty oils or spray come into contact with the juice at all, making it perfectly fresh. The oranges themselves can also be delivered in specially refrigerated vans to lock in the good taste, and you do not need to wash the oranges before putting them in the machine either. Whats more, you can see the entire process through a screen on the Orange Juice Machine which is fun as you can also see how it is done!

You are sure to be impressed with these machines and are sure to see the benefit of having one, but

Sep 17

Benefits of Juice Fasting

Before we get into benefits of juice fasting, I wanted to mention a few words about fresh raw green juices. Fresh raw juicing provides you with a liquid dosage of nutrients. I love juicing a green juice (celery, cucumber, and a dark leafy green like kale or swiss chard) first thing in the morning. Green Juices are very alkalizing. In general, our regular cooked diets tends to be acidic and we consume too many acidic foods. The toxic effects of acidic foods is what causes most of the diseases today. Excess acidity in our body damages our organs especially the liver and the kidney. One way to incorporate a more alkalized diet is to include fresh green juices.

Having a green juice in the morning is the best gift you can give to your body. You will have incredible energy throughout the day. If you are new to juicing, you may want to consume a little throughout the day to get use to the green juice taste or add an apple or carrot to sweeten the juice.

Juice fasting is when you don’t eat solid foods for a period of time and only consume fresh raw juices. Newcomers begin with a 3 days but most common is a 10 day juice fast.

Juice fasting is one of the best ways to detoxify your body, removing excess toxins and therefore reaping great health benefits from it. Although some people do it for fast weight loss, this is not the main reason you should juice fast. Weight loss comes naturally but the main reason is reap some great health benefits which include:

– Improves digestion as you give your body a break from gluten, dairy, animal produce, refined sugars, caffeine, alcohol and other unhealthy foods. Easiest way to eliminate unhealthy food habits.

– Strengthens your immune system

Sep 16

Xango Fruit Juice For Health

There are many different sports and health drinks that make various claims about weight loss or energy boosting compounds. Some fall very far from what they may claim to be and do, but every now and then there are a small handful of released products that really are good and good for you. Xango fruit drinks are in that small group. The product that Xango has developed and sells are composed of a mixture of various fruits, like grapes, pears, ad apples, along with something more than that. Xango juice utilizes xanthanoids, which are the really healthy chemicals found in mangosteens . Mangosteens are purple, seed bearing fruit that look a little bizarre on the surface. They typically grow in the tropical environments of Southeast Asia and in parts of South America. The inner fruit of a mangosteen is white and about the size of a tangerine. If picking a mangosteen straight from a tree, the inner part is the edible portion. The out rind is a deep purple and is inedible on its own. Xango has uniquely developed a way to utilize a puree of the whole fruit, including the rind, to retrieve the important xanthanoids and phytonutruents within. The rind of the mangosteen is what gives Xango juice a deep purple color. Healthy Aspects >

The health benefits of Xango fruit juice have had various scientific studies done. It is argued that drinking Xango juice can help with various anti-inflammatory concerns that you may be having. Some have argued that there are counter studies that have also been done to prove that the health benefits of Xango may not be as far reaching as others have been lead to believe. Whatever side of the argument you fall on, just remember that in the end, Xango juice is a

Sep 16

Staying Healthy With Pigments and Antioxidants

Plenty of things about nutrition are important but, to me, kinda boring. This is one of those things. But the topic is health, so it seems viable and, as I said, important.

What’s great is many foods are said to be powerful disease fighters; this post will cover several of them. Those who plan to object that I’ve left out a bunch will be right. This is not meant to be the definitive, exhaustive list of such foods.

As you probably already know, colorful pigments in foods often indicate the presence of phytonutrients that can fight cancer, heart disease, and other diseases associated with oxidative damage. Oxidative damage is caused by free radicals, molecules that have lost an electron. Free radicals can scavenge electrons from healthy molecules, which may then develop diseases, including cancer.

Free radicals occur during normal metabolic functions but can also be created by toxins, processed foods or pollution. Potential sources of free radical production are everywhere. Antioxidants in foods help guard us against the damage they cause.

Red/blue foods contain anthocyanins. Examples are cherries, blueberries, plums and strawberries. In addition to anti-inflammatory benefits, they can protect against memory loss and declining motor skills.

Yellow/orange foods contain carotenoids, which can fight lung cancer. Examples of these foods are sweet potatoes (a wonder food in themselves), pumpkin, carrots, winter squash, cantaloupe, and broccoli. The chlorophyll in broccoli masks the yellow/orange pigment.

Orange foods, such as mangoes, oranges and papayas, contain cryptoxanthin, which is said to reduce cervical cancer risk.

Lycopene is well known for its ability to fight prostate cancer and heart disease. Since cooked tomatoes contain lycopene, they sparked, as you may recall, an odd controversy on whether or not pizza is a health food. No comment needed.

The yellow pigments – lutein and xeaxanthin – can protect the eye from blue-spectrum light and guard

Sep 15

What is a Juice Maker Machine and using it with Fruits and Vegetables

A juice maker machine is a device that is able to squeeze out the goodness of fruits and vegetables so that you can have a very concentrated and healthy drink. The nice aspect to juicer machines is that it allows you to mix a variety of fruits and vegetables and drink them at the same time. Often users will take vegetables that are bitter tasting and mix it with fruits that have a sweeter taste to disguise the bitterness. This is a way of getting your veggies and fruits, and it is very popular in health food stores that have juice bars.

Health Benefits

Many people that begin juicing their vegetables and fruits report dramatic healing benefits to their body as well as an overall sense of feeling healthier. This is typically due to the very high concentrations of vitamins and minerals that the juice maker machine preserves as it quickly squeezes out the best part of the fruits and veggies. In addition, the concentrated drink can detoxify the body and help to protect the immune system, which can mean fewer colds and allergy symptoms for some people. The juice is quickly absorbed by the body and does not have to go through the digestive track in the same manner that the whole vegetable or fruit does.

Types of Machines

The popularity of the juice maker machine has brought about different type of machines that fall into different price ranges depending on what you want from the juicer. Typically, the juicer machines come in three different types:

Masticating single gear, which are more costly, but they are also more efficient in that you can get more juice for each vegetable or fruit you put into the shoot. Centrifugal are the most popular because they are

Sep 14

The Benefits Of Using A Power Juice Machine

Do you always seem to lack the energy to do many of the everyday things in life? Do you always take the rain check whenever a co-worker invites you out after work? Do you find yourself easily restless and weary? You may be eating right, but are you drinking right? I am not talking about alcohol or cocktails. I am talking about what you drink on a daily basis, like water, coffee, soda, etc. Are you drinking far too much soda? If so, you may have a problem.

Drinking too many sodas can lead to serious problems because your body is deprived of the much needed nutrients, fibers and water to help it remove the toxins that often results to various diseases in the kidney, liver, gall bladder and so much more.

We all know that we are supposed to drink at least two liters of water every single day to hydrate and help cleanse the body. Aside from water, do you know that there is another alternative to give your body its much needed liquids, not to mention fibers and vitamins so you won’t feel so weary most of the time?

It’s called juicing. I bet you heard about it somewhere but never really paid attention to it. Let me tell you a few good things about it. Firstly, fresh juices are enriched with fibers and too-many-to-mention vitamins and minerals that the body needs every day. Not only that, fresh juices are good for people of all ages. From infancy to old age, the benefits of a fresh-from-the juicer drinks are endless!

Juicing can be ideal for children, who at a very young age, should be taught of the many advantages of drinking juices made from fresh vegetables and fruits. It can also be used

Sep 13

How To Make Fresh Squeezed Orange Juice Without A Juicer

Preparing orange juice may be one of the easiest tasks, and it you may or may not need to use a juicer. There are a number of different strategies which can be used to make orange juice which is one of the most popular types of juices to make because of it’s high nutritional value and great taste. If you want to make juice, but are not sure which kind to make, then you’ll definitely want to consider making some fresh orange juice. This article will let you know how to juice the oranges with using juicer of any kind.

You’ll want to start by gathering up enough oranges to make a good amount of orange juice. Gently squeeze the oranges to get them softened up. This will make the actual juicing step much easier because it will make the oranges easier to work with. Wash the oranges thoroughly, cut them in half, and then remove any seeds that can be found within the orange.

With an orange half in hand, cut in a circular motion around the orange to slightly separate the orange from the peel. Do not cut the orange fruit completely out of the peel. Next with the orange in hand again, face the fruit downward and hold it over the serving pitcher and squeeze. The juice will run out of the orange half and into the pitcher. Rotate and squeeze the orange half until no more juice is produced from squeezing. Once this is done, you may cut the fruit portion out of the orange and place that into the serving pitcher as well for added pulp. Repeat this process with the remaining oranges and once you have a full pitcher of orange juice, place it in the refrigerator and chill until you are

Sep 12

Augment Your Sexual Lives With Jungle Juice Poppers

A great sexual life is a key route to mental and physical happiness. Hence, people consume various medicines to improve their sexual performance. These medicines help in achieving better orgasm and provide sexual satisfaction. Jungle juice popper is a popular intoxicant that is inhaled to enhance sexual activities. It is a bottled solution that produces an inviting environment that captures the human mind and initiates extended sexual activities.

The jungle juice popper is made up of amyl nitrite solution; hence its effects last for a longer duration than other iso-butyl nitrite compounds. As soon as, a person inhales the vapors of the liquid solution, his/her blood pressure increases which initiate rapid flow of blood to other body parts. This excess flow of blood produces rapid sensation that adds all the more life to your sexual activities. Therefore, many people have started consuming this recreational drug to spice up their sexual lives.

Nowadays, many gay men inhale jungle juice poppers to augment their sexual lives. However, these intoxicants are not addictive but some gays can’t retain their sexual activity without inhaling this brand of poppers. Hence, it has led to sexual disorientation among several homosexual men. Hence, it is advised that one must consume poppers in required quantity in order to avoid any physical defects. Nevertheless, people still consume poppers to meet their sexual needs. Hence, jungle juice poppers have become a crucial part of gay culture.

Nowadays, you can purchase your bottle of jungle juice poppers through various online popper portals. These portals provide a wide range of poppers that can add spice to your recreational lives. Moreover, you can also get them delivered at your doorstep.

So, just log on to an online popper portal and enliven your sexual lives by purchasing jungle juice poppers for yourself.

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